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What is our why?

We value innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit that Charter leaders bring to the public school sector. Charter Strategy believes in the school of choice movement and has been instrumental in massive school reform efforts since 2006. With over a decade of trail-blazing and shaping the Charter movement we have been responsible for building new schools from the ground up to supporting and enacting Charter initiatives.  

Globalized Education

As a tried, true and tested leader in development of globalized schools and a study of the “best practices” around the globe, it is the intention of Charter Strategy to aid in the development of like programs that would ultimately equalize and pave a path to true globalized education. Charter Strategy is dedicated exclusively to assisting new school leaders, investors and educators to move their ideas from plan to school. 

We are experts at what we do.  

Specializing in Startup

You will be hard pressed to find another team that has this level of hands on experience of starting and operating Charter Schools from the ground up. 


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