Phase One - Startup

•Mission and Vision

•Business Plan

•Educational Options - seat-based or independent study

•Marketing Plan

•Management Team

•Financial Plan

Phase Two - Proof of Concept

•Vision, the strategic Plan, Mission, Values, Goals Operational Plan

•Establishing For-Profit or Non-Profit Status, Bylaws, Constitution, and Incorporation

•Building Credibility and Awareness in your Community

•Recruiting and Educating the Board and Senior Administration on Exceptional Leadership, Governance, and Team-Building

•Developing the Business Plan and the Formation and Operational Budgets

•Marketing Research to Ensure your Vision Meets Existing Community Demand

•Supporting Development of the Facility Needs, Design, Site Search, and Lease/Purchase

Phase Three - Launch - Policy Development

•Employee Qualifications

•Health and Safety

•HR Policy

•Admissions policy

•Financial Policy/Audits

•Expulsion/Suspension Policy

•Staff retirement and benefits

•Attendance Policy

•Employee Rights

•Dispute Resolution Policy

•Parent and Student Policy

•School Closure


Phase Four - Operations

•Combinations for Starting Grades and Phase-In Stages

•Implementation of Marketing Plan to Drive Enrollment, Public Relations, Competitive Positioning, and the Admissions Process

•Comprehensive Fund Raising Plans (e.g., Capital Campaign, Annual Giving, Major Events)

•School Schedule, Instructional Minutes, and Master Schedule

•Student Management Systems, Record Storage, Accounting, and Reporting Systems

•Alignment of Curriculum to meet and or exceed UC – A-G

•Accreditation Planning



Program design and compliance. Help with SELPAs

Data Driven Results

We will help you craft your story to tell the amazing results of your innovative programs in both quantitative and qualitative terms, which will aid in Charter renewal and establishing you as a thought leader in the education sector.

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